There are currently over 203 million cell phones and mobile devices currently in service in Africa. What business can't afford to miss out on all of this potential traffic and users?
  • New York retailers claim only 2% of their revenue comes from online sales with mobile devices, but 65% of their new customers found them via mobile devices.
  • Over 200 million people access Facebook® via a mobile phone or tablet. 48% of young adults say they receive their news and social activity suggestions through Facebook®.
  • Over 200 million video playbacks daily from YouTube®.

The mobile phone is becoming more of a time-saving tool rather than a technology of pleasure and convenience. GPS and mapping services have enabled users to find goods and services in a quick search query, therefore cutting down on travel times, fuel consumption, and wasted time. A mobile compliant website will ensure your business being found.

Lost in the mix...
Card 24 along with its Media Partner 11 Media can format any website for mobile device cross compatibility. Mobile formats tie directly into SEO and Website Visibility. If your website cannot be found by modern mapping programs such as Google Place®, Yahoo Maps® or GPS devices, then your business doesn't exist.