Benefits for employers and employees The efficient alternative to payroll checks.

The Card 24 Payroll Card is an innovative way to distribute wages to your employees and a smart alternative to issuing payroll checks.

  Quick, easy and efficient salary payments.
  Payroll payments are managed easily and conveniently with our online application.
  Ensure payments are on time, every time.
  Eliminate the risk of withdrawing and carrying large amounts of cash.
  Eliminate the hassle of preparing individual pay packets for employees.
  Manage the loading of new employee details easily.
  Ensure your employees are free from the risk of theft.
  Employees can check their balance and transaction history at any stage online or via mobile phone.
  Low charges for employees.
  Safe, easy access to funds.

The Card 24  payroll card eliminates the hassle of week - or month-end payments for all employers. Our simple solution allows you to issue all your employees with  cards and make one payment that is distributed by us to all your employees' cards, according to your instructions. Companies utilising the payroll facility will be requested to provide corporate FICA documentation

Fees and limits apply to this program.

Reduce High Costs:

  • Streamline costly and time-consuming payroll administration by replacing paper-based distribution with a card-based system.
  • Reduce the costs of reconciliation against your payroll disbursement account.
  • Reduce the costs of paper production of checks and replacement of lost or stolen checks.
  • Reduce the costs of special disbursements such as final pay checks.

Gain Operational Efficiencies:

  • Simplify payroll distribution for all categories of employees including unbanked, contract, temporary, youth, part-time and remotely-located workers.
  • Increase employee productivity by eliminating time-consuming off-site trips to cash pay checks.
  • Use your existing payroll processor and systems to manage payroll account processing, including payment disbursement instructions to your banking institution, tax calculations and reporting. (Direct deposits continue to be handled as they are currently.)
  • Receive management reports via the Internet in "Real Time."

Enhance Employee Convenience, Security and Control:

  • Immediate employee access to payroll funds on payday, with no need to have a checking account or any banking relationship.
  • Purchasing capability up to the balance available in the account at any of MasterCard  merchant locations countrywide.
  • MasterCard Zero Liability policy ensures lost or stolen payroll card replacement, with full remaining stored value.
  • Employees can access cash at over 100,000 ATMs and bank branches as well as at thousands of POS terminals.
  • Online and paper statements help employees track their spending and manage their finances.
  • Round the clock customer service support.

Customize Your Payroll Card Program:

  • Choose a prepaid platform based on your requirements.
  • Build on payroll card standard features by incorporating additional payroll card benefits including:
    • Convenience checks.
    • Discounts at selected merchants.
    • Electronic bill payment.
    • Duplicate cards.
    • Employee loads of additional personal funds.
    • Prepaid phone program.
    • Cash rewards program free to cardholder.

Implement Your Card 24 Card 24 Payroll Card Program With Ease:

  • Card 24 Card 24 supports program implementation with promotional and instructional materials, in English that help you notify, enrol and educate employees.
  • Card 24 Card 24 supplies product design specifications to help you customize your solution.
  • Card 24 Card 24 continues to partner with you to manage your payroll card program by enrolling employees, generating Pin's, distributing cards, and providing ongoing customer support.

For more information please contact us on info@card24.co.za