Web Design & Internet &  Loyalty / Mobile Product Development

Card 24 along with 11 Media's Website Design and Website Development studio in Randburg; Johannesburg South Africa has a broad range of website design and development experience. This makes building and maintaining your internet presence a simple process. Establishing a build strategy is the first part to designing an effective website to suit your businesses needs. We aim to focus on what type of website your business needs, and not what it doesn't need. Second, we evaluate the maintenance aspects involved in taking on such a task. We are not afraid to train your employees to help keep your website presence up-to-date, full of relevant content for Google, and consistent with possible pricing or promotions that you may be running to help spark sales at your establishment. Finally, Card 24 along with 11 Media will design and develop your online website to help your business market itself effectively through the use of the internet.

Our team of experienced developers are proficient in the following programming and design languages:

  • PHP / MySQL
  • Javascript
  • CMS: Magento, Drupal, Wordpress
  • ASP
  • Ajax
  • XML

Multi-User E-Commerce

Card 24 along with 11 Media developers are proficient in Open-Source Content Management Systems (CMS) allowing businesses to develop complex online data management systems and extensive E-Commerce solutions for any type of business.

Maintenance & Updates

Keeping your business information current and up-to-date is vital for potential clients and search engines recognizing your relevance in the market. An outdated website sends a message to potential online clients and can damage your reputation as a cutting-edge technologically advanced business.

  • Monthly Service Packages
  • Daily Edits and Updates
  • Quarterly or Annually

Card 24 along with 11 Media can support your business by maintaining and updating your website for you. We offer several maintenance packages for a wide variety of business platforms.

Hosting Solutions

Card 24 along with 11 Media is familiar with all hosting providers administration panels. We can recommend the best provider and the best configuration possible when it comes to traffic management, speed, storage and bandwidth questions. We offer virtual dedicated servers, economy hosting plans, SSL Certificates, Email, and multi-domain solutions.

Website Security and PCI Compliance

Card 24 along with 11 Media can assist your business in website security when it comes to Merchant Account Compliance, PCI Compliance protocols, SSL issues, and other critical content encryption priorities.

E-Commerce and Merchant Account Integration

Configuring your E-Commerce and Merchant account gateway can be difficult. Card 24 along with 11 Media can get your E-Commerce website functioning efficiently. Card 24 along with 11 Media is capable of developing custom checkout solutions, shopping cart checkout customization, shipping calculators etc...