Card 24 is an authorized distributor of POS Gift Cards for Point of Sale purchase software systems operating on either Track One t0 3 Track system readers. Our gift cards are 30mil PVC Plastic with the ability to add several print features including: spot colour, embossed numbering or lettering, full colour, UV coating, Satin Finish, Matte Finish, Signature Panels, Scratch-Off Sections, and sequential numbering. Our cards can also be coded according to software or merchant account specifications for online account balance inquiry, and for ownership transferring. We also offer 10mil PVC plastic upon request.

Gift cards come in several configurations including traditional gift card (3.5" X 2.25" with rounded corners), Key tags, or Gift Card and Key Tag Combo Cards with bar-coding.If you are unsure what type of gift card your business will need, please contact your POS software company, and ask them what configuration would be the best for your system. They will provide you with complex numbering systems, and prepare your system for a gift card or loyalty card program.


HiCo: Cards coded to withstand a long duration of use. Usually an average of one thousand or more swipes (similar to your bank-issued credit card)
LoCo: Cards designed to withstand maybe one to three swipes through a terminal. Afterwards, these cards are no longer useful. The Magnetic coating will wear out extremely fast.

We supply gift cards for Scottsdale Bars and Nightclubs, Restaurants and the following types of businesses and events all over America:

  • Bars & Saloons
  • Nightclubs
  • Retail
  • Charity Events
  • Restaurants