Bonus & Loyalty Programs



Loyalty Cards are the ‘Hot Ticket’ business tool in the current business market.
A loyalty program caters to every customer’s desire to feel recognized and important by offering retailers the ability to reward the most loyal customers with special treatment. This will encourage their return and increase the knowledge of loyal customers spending patterns and interests leading to increased revenue and a larger loyal client base.

How can Card 24 help?

Here at Card 24, we acknowledge that the quality and professionalism of the cards we produce impact not just our reputation, but yours too. That's why we care about the impact that a well designed, high quality loyalty card has on your bottom line. We provide the full range plastic loyalty cards - from barcodes, to magnetic stripes, to RFID contactless cards, Card 24 will ensure that your loyalty cards are professionally branded, with fantastic imaging and high quality manufacturing.

We have several  services tailored to our client's needs.

You can order with confidence- we manufacture locally ensuring that you receive only the best quality, service, and products. Our plastic loyalty cards are manufactured in Johannesburg South Africa, providing you the most control over timelines, specifications, colour matching and service delivery. Card 24 cards leave our factory with a QUALITY GUARANTEE.

Ensure your loyalty cards stand out in your card holder's wallet with one of our elite features such as:

* Foil Stamping

* Embossing

* Personalisation

* Seasonal applications

* Matte Finish 

and more!

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What is a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty programs can range from simple to complex solutions. Examples of popular loyalty programs include:

  • “Buy 10 get one free” plans—as offered through many coffee shops and video stores
  • “Points Earned” - Cash back bonus offered after points have accumulated—as offered by retail clothing merchants and credit card companies
  • “Immediate discount”—small discounts are offered on the current purchase as offered by boutique style merchants or restaurants

Retailers reap great rewards from loyalty cards:

  • Retain/increase business with current customer base
  • Collect data on customer buying habits and sales trends
  • Cements brand awareness as each client displays a miniature “billboard" of your business in their wallet

Loyalty programs started by targeting retail establishments like restaurants and clothing department stores. However, loyalty programmes are now being used by companies and businesses in every market sector. By adding real value to your program, you can increase the spending at your company without extra effort!

At Card 24, we are well equipped to create a high-impact marketing tool specifically tailored to each client’s individual requirements. Using provided artwork or the talent of our design team, Card 24 can ensure that you are using loyalty at its peak with beautiful, custom printed loyalty cards.

I need a Loyalty Software! 

Our Loyalty and Gift card software, Loyalty24, makes managing your loyalty and gift card program a breeze